ORENDA is coming soon as the newest addition to The Basement Reno.

ORENDA featured in the January 2017 issue of Bliss Babe Magazine.

“The Iroquois believe that a supernatural force flows through all people, animals, plants, and even the cosmos in our universe. Known as Orenda, this energy is believed to inspire the accomplishments of humans, drive the magic of divination, and even cause miracles.

A shaman would need to harness Orenda through song and prayer to call upon the spirit realm. A hunter would need to channel his Orenda to summon the deer in the forest or the fish in the river. A warrior would need to overpower the Orenda of his enemy in order to win a war.

Chelsea Harrah of Reno hopes to channel this mystical concept of Orenda into the realms of fashion with her new boutique enterprise called “Orenda Styles,” set to open its premiere brick and mortar location in early 2017.

“We hope to curate designs from all over that world that will help people step into their own power,” Harrah said, who plans to stock selections for both men and women. “Whether that is a statement piece like a couture gown, or more of a daily staple like the perfect black T-shirt, Orenda will be the place to come if you are looking to get your rockstar on.”

Orenda will open for business at a retail location inside of downtown Reno’s newest underground shopping center, The Basement, in addition to an online shop at OrendaStyles.com. Chelsea hopes that her fashion endeavors will help to elevate the street style of her hometown while also spreading her vision to the far reaches of the globe.

“Our first featured designer, Clayton Beck, has a saying that I absolutely love,” Harrah said. “He always says, ‘Inside each of us is a light that, if we can open up to it, will shine through our everyday lives.’ I hope that our shop will help do that for people.”

Photographer: Clayton Beck
Model: Samantha Tolkien
Article: Written by Ric De La Rosa
Fashion: The Leviathan Jacket by #ClaytonBeck
Available at #OrendaStyles in Reno, NV or online at

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